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Telos Canton Code of Conduct


Telos Canton, inspired by Telos’s ideal, adheres to the “Fair, Just, Open” principle, and strives to make Telos Canton a complete DAO. And the Libra.Vote decentralized voting and social survey system will be developed to extend the Telos network usage.

Telos Canton’s operation is entirely self-financed. As a Telos BP Candidate, in order to ensure independence, and not subject to any capital controls, Telos Canton will not accept any third-party investment now or in the future.


Telos Canton agrees and strictly abides by the following Agreements of Telos Blockchain Network:
1.1. Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement – Signed
2.1. Telos Blockchain Network Arbitration Rules and Procedures – Signed
3.1. Telos “regproducer” Human-language Contract – Signed
4.1. Telos “regarb” Human-language Contract – Signed

The above documents were signed by Telos Canotn founder Yang Jianfeng (known as Fieldy Yeung) on behalf of Telos Canton. The signature is shown on the last page of each document. The style is as follows:


  1. Fair, Just, Open
  • Fairness is not average, but a reasonable return based on contribution, creating a variety of opportunities, and maximizing the individual’s traits and abilities.
  • Fairness is reflected in the strict observance of the rules of consensus, the judgment of behavior according to the rules, and the independent of the influence and control of interests.
  • Public information includes, and is not limited to, ideas, decisions, finances, executions, and rights, which guarantees transparency and public supervision.
  1. The technology and governance model of blockchain can make our world fairer and better, enable more people to realize their dreams.
  2. “Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” – Allen Turing
  3. “The telos of an acorn is to become an oak tree.” – Aristotle
  4. Teleology believes that before deciding how resources are allocated, we need to study what the “purpose” of the allocated resources is. The philosophical starting point of Plato and Aristotle is “Telos”, which is ancient Greek, meaning purpose, intention, goal or nature.
  5. “What belongs to the national belongs to the world.”- Lu Xun
    As the world itself is composed of diverse cultures of different nationalities, the essence of the world is diversity, and each national culture is unique. Only by respecting one’s own culture, maintaining the uniqueness of its own culture and removing the inferiority of its own culture, can a nationality become the common cultural wealth of all mankind. That is when world culture is defined as world culture. On the basis of recognizing one’s own traits, culture and abilities, we can make the world-wide collaboration more unimpeded by accepting and embracing the diversity of different groups of people.