Telos Canton Information Disclosure Jan.19, 2019

  1. On January 15 2019, Telos Canton claimed Producer/Standby Payment to receive 19541.0092 TLOS, and transferred to “cantonbpfund” (Telos Canton’s fund account), Hash: 2ee8346bb106ca9fbd57ca6a538dc1e59c4d0a4ee04770ff772a85cdd1fd6fe2
  2. On January 16 2019, Telos Canton created “mathmathmath” account for Math Wallet in Telos Testnet, and transferred 1000 TLOS of Testnet in it, Hash: 82b8d61eb58235b54ed31c90ad16829cfe6baf6d4f8f26f20b27ce3773824690
    This operation is only to assist Math Wallet in offering TLOS wallet services for users. Telos Canton has no interest involved with Math Wallet.
    When the service is available, users can access akdex.io’s TLOS/EOS trading service through Math Wallet App.
  3. On January 19 2019, 9538.2325 TLOS were transferred from “cantonbpfund” to “cantonvoting” accounts, Hash: 442d361fec6c8b16dac190c76b96e833245a6873271856978554bcdac152a556
    “cantonbpfund” balance: 10000 TLOS
  4. 4. Telos Canton selected “Democracy Tech Proxy” as the proxy voter.

a. The usage of TLOS from the Telos Canton fund account “cantonbpfund” must be approved by the DAO Council.
b. Telos Canton only allows tokens to be sold from the Telos Mainnet account “cantonbpcost” and the EOS Mainnet account “teloscanton” in order to cover costs and other expenses.

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