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Telos Chinese Translation Group

1. About the Translation Group

The Telos Chinese translation group is a Chinese content editing group, composed of Telos candidate node translation staff and other independent Chinese translation contributors. The main work is to translate Telos related English documents into Chinese, including white papers, governance-related agreements, news, knowledge articles, work reports, meeting records and video subtitles. Telos Chinese Translation team will provide telos Chinese users with the most comprehensive and up-to-date telos information to promote the development of Telos in the Chinese circle.

2. Translation Group collaboration

The working platform for the Telos Chinese translation Group Is: ** github.com + crowdin.com **

  • GitHub library: Https://github.com/DAO-ECO/TelosDocs-En-ZhMaster Branch: root files are connected to Crowdin and automatically synced to the translated documents list.Translator branch: Crowdin synchronizes Chinese translation files to this branch and automatically generates a Request.zh_CN folder: archives documents translated into simplified Chinese.zh_HK folder: archives documents translated into traditional Chinese.en_US folder: archive documents translated into English.
  • Crowdin project: Https://crowdin.com/project/telosdocs-en-zhTo ensure that the document library is complete, the candidate nodes added to the translation group will have a branch named after their node name in the GitHub library (Repository). At least one translation group member in each node has permission to modify and merge the Master Branch. Standard collaboration process is as follows:
    1. Place the original document in the markdown format to the root of the GitHub library;
    2. The translator submits translated text in the Crowdin system, and the member with the Translator’s permission can review and confirm the translation, as well as continue the translation;
    3. A member with the relevant permissions merges the request for Crowdin in GitHub into the master branch;
    4. After finalizing the translation, the markdown files in both English and Chinese must be moved to the archive folder “archived”.

3. Translation Group members

Name Affiliated node Email GitHub account Self-Assessment Languages
Chen Li EOS VAN chen.li@telosvancouver.io ChenLi0830 Chinese/English
Fieldy Yeung Telos Canton fieldy.yeung@teloscanton.io fieldyyeung Journeyman Chinese/English
Sheng Chao Independent zsc070@163.com No Junior Chinese
Lizhi Guang Goingos hello@goingos.org goingos Junior Chinese
Eset EOS OU eosou@qq.com No Junior Chinese
Michael Oliphant Telos Canton michael.oliphant@teloscanton.io No Senior English

4. Translation Group Rewards

Based on Crowdin’s translation records, the translation contributors self-assessed the time spent and registered the contribution in the corresponding document (reward method to be determined).